About Us

With thirty-five years in the business, Geoff from TrueCut is a true craftsman, sharpening all makes and types of specialist scissors, including super-smooth edge hairdressing scissors, dog grooming scissors, texturisers, curved blades, micro-serrated barbers’ scissors, and surgical instruments.

All  sharpening work is done by hand, using diamond polishing tools and I guarantee to give your valuable scissors just the right edge for your needs.

The advantage of hand sharpening is that I can restore your scissors’ edge and performance without removing a lot of steel, so they last longer.

TrueCut has been owned and operated since it was started in 1985 by Geoff Beynon; at first providing a mail order service for Hairdressers and Veterinary surgeons, then moving to Auckland and expanding with his mobile on-call service.

Geoff’s edge is unique in that all his sharpening (scissors, hair clippers, texturisers and thinning scissors) is done carefully by hand, which means nil risk of overheating the blade, and a more precise edge than is possible with a machine.  In addition, he is the only specialist who is able to renew a serrated edge for barber scissors and grooming shears.

Geoff unreservedly stands by his work with a 100% money-back guarantee and a ‘no charge’ policy for blades if they are too badly damaged to be restored to perfect condition.


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